Luke glancing at Michael when asked if he’s ever been in love x

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do you hEAR MY SOBS x

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I will never forget

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Scans from Life Story Magazine

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I swear, she lives in that library

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this is by far the cutest fan picture ive seen

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Can we talk about the boys different mug shot reactions?  

You’ve got Ashton, who looks ready to put the fun in dysfunctional


Then there’s Micheal, who doesn’t give a shit that he’s getting arrested, whatever


And there’s Calum, who looks proud af that he’s getting a mugshot 


And then there’s Luke. 


And lets be honest. The only thought on his mind is ‘mama liz is gonna kill me’ 

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I need a glass of water.

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when u excited about something and ur friend isntimage

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  • me in the street: imagine if my favorite band walked by
  • me in my room: imagine if my favorite band walked in
  • me in the car: imagine if my favorite band was in the car next to me
  • me in class: imagine if my favorite band walked in
  • me on vacation: imagine if my favorite band were here
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